Product Care

This information will be updated as we add new products.

Our Artisan Cold Process Soaps - We want you to take proper care of your handmade soaps so they will last longer. Our Cold Process Soaps can retain moisture than commercially made soaps. Please store your soap in a water draining soap dish. Do not allow your soap to sit in water, keeping it dry between washes will ensure it lasts. 

Our Bath Bombs - They hate humidity and direct sunlight - yes even with UKs weather! Moisture in the air can cause bath bombs to prematurely Fizz, so if this is your home then store your bath bombs in an airtight container. Bath Bombs should be used within 3 months of purchase. You can use bath bombs over 3 months but they won’t be so fizzy.

Follow our guidelines and enjoy our products to their fullest!
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